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     "You are more than welcome to come and visit our church. If you do not have a church home this is a great place to be. You can develope as a Christian and your children can develope in our Children's ministry as well. There are links on the left and you can get to know this ministry. 

Lets pull one another to the next level." 

     In 2011 lets "Refuse To Loose and Begin To Win"  Can't wait to meet you next service.

Pastors Romero & Cherron.


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"Walk in Victory"

A Word For Life 9-1-2013 update

    "The bible declares that you are a new creature!  When you got saved or were born again, Something happened on the inside of you.  Your spirit was quicken by the power of God.  You are not the same any more. 

     When you first got saved you were on top of the world... Could slay giants.  And att that moment any addictions, bad habits, short comings or sinful ways were done.  Temptation was there when you got home but you did not say no to the devil.  You gave in like Adam in the garden.  And through one disobedient act of rebellion you lost your way.  Notice I said YOU.  So stop blaming the devil for your short comings when all you had to do is resist him and stay victorious. 

      But hey!!! You still have the victory through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Get up as the child of God you were called to be.  Stop letting the devil trick you with everybody slips.  Stop looking at everyone else and keep your life straight.

      Once you got saved you became a child of God.  Do not call yourself a sinner any longer.  You cannot be a sinner and a Child of God at the same time.  When the term sinner is used it is describing a persons state of being. 

     If you accepted Jesus as lord of your life, your status now is child of God, the redeemed, righteous, morally upright without guilt or sin.  Jesus did that for you.  Walk in it!...."

In Christ * Pastors Romero & Cherron



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Pastors Romero & Cherron






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